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After 12pm if the car is returned late you will lose your deposit. If you extend after noon it will be $10 a hour late fee.

Cars are not to be taken out of the state of Florida.

Must be brought back on a full tank of gas or else there is a $15 service fee plus the amount to refill the gas.

Only the person listed on contract can drive the vehicle.

If a vehicle must be repossessed for any reason, there will be a $500 fee.

All rentals will be required to pay all toll fees, there will be a $30 hold on all deposits for 90 days.

If there is any damage to the vehicle you are responsible for a $500 deductible,
plus $4/mile plus any tow bills and $35 storage fee.

If you go over 150 miles per day, there will be a .25ยข charge for every mile over.

There are no refunds.